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Industry Readiness Program

Enabling students to acquire high-demand skills aligned with the current industry trends with special emphasis on technical and functional expertise through an extensive academic curriculum supported by practical activities. We also partner with different industries and business houses to identify the changing needs & continuously update and enhance our course content to keep pace with the continuously evolving employment landscape 


Automation & Controls

Building Automation and Control Systems market in India and Middle East is growing faster and creating lots of job opportunity. This program is designed by industry experts to meet the high demand and skill shortage with a blend of necessary technical & functional skills
1. Field maintenance
2. Field installation
3. System operation
4. System engineering
5. System commissioning

Banking & Finance

Career in banking industry is highly rewarding since many decades now. Although the banking and finance sector is divided into different types and domains the demand for right skill still exists. This program is designed by top banking executives with perfect blend of necessary technical & functional skills
1. Banking & Financial Services
2. Banking operations basics
3. Investment banking basics
4. Introduction to Risk Analysis

Retail & Ecommerce

Ever since the recent pandemic, the retail and e-commerce sector has witnessed rapid growth. The impact of the digital-first ecosystem is likely to last longer and retailers need to adopt new channels along with the traditional means in order to meet their customer needs
1. E-Commerce Essentials
2. How to Get a Business Online
3. Logistics and Supply Chain
4. Channel Management and Retailing


With the growing economies and long strides in technological advancements in infrastructure, there is a huge demand of skilled professionals. This course is suitable for students who are looking to further increase their knowledge and develop their careers.
1. Project Management.
2. Material Management.
3. Personnel Management
4. Safety Management