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Business Excellence Program

Every professional has unique natural abilities and personal qualities. The business excellence programs focus on enhancing the desired skills for efficient delivery and customer satisfaction in achieving sustainable business growth

Finance for Non-finance

Suitable for managers, supervisors, and staff from any function including finance who need to improve their understanding and usage of financial information. This course uses a mix of interactive techniques, insights from industry leaders, case studies, and group exercises to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the course.
1. Understanding financial statements
2. Financial analysis
3. Working capital management
4. Preparing operating budgets
5. Making capital budget decisions
6. Financial decision making

Service Excellence

Business success stems from how a customer is made to feel, not just how happy they are with their purchase or service. Today customers not only value but expect exceptional service. Any company unable to respond to customer needs, and expectations on time might as well wave goodbye to customer loyalty and business growth
1. What is Service Excellence
2. How to achieve Service Excellence
3. How to measure Service Excellence
4. Service design and customer experience
5. Service delivery process
6. Service recovery process

Operational Excellence

Organizations seek out streamlined processes to allow them to be more efficient, improve quality and be more cost-effective. Examining the value of operations and improving productivity through value stream mapping and supply chain helps achieve these objectives. This course is designed and delivered by industry experts focusing on core practices and the application of best practices for improving productivity throughout the organization.
1. The role of operations in an organization
2. Strategic Importance of Operational Excellence
3. Defining and assessing operational excellence
4. Achieving Operational Excellence
5. Detecting, analyzing and controlling risk elements

Project Excellence

Project Excellence is based on four parts, Change Management, Coaching, Tools, and Training. This course offers both customized and e-learning within Project Management, Leadership, and Business Acumen for all roles within a project organization. All three areas are vital for success in a project organization. This course is designed and delivered by industry experts and with a mix of theory and practical examples from real life to enable students to act wisely in practical situations.
1. Introduction to project management
2. Processes, initiation & planning.
3. Monitoring & controlling
4. Time, cost & quality management
5. People & risk management
6. change management