Professional Development Program

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Professional Development Program

Enabling students to acquire high-demand skills aligned with the current industry trends with special emphasis on technical and functional expertise through an extensive academic curriculum supported by practical activities. We also partner with different industries and business houses to identify the changing needs & continuously update and enhance our course content to keep pace with the continuously evolving employment landscape 

Automation & Controls

Supervising people presents challenges as well as opportunities for growth. This course is designed both for new and experienced supervisors and those who have had no formal training in their roles. This course is designed and delivered by industry experts and eminent academicians to sharpen your skills to better manage, communicate with, and motivate your staff. Walk away with new approaches for working with your team to best accomplish your goals. Topics include
1. Maximizing productivity,
2. Communicating effectively
3. Setting expectations and priorities
4. Developing and motivating team
5. Effectively manage team remotely

Strategic Planning​

Avoid the pitfalls of strategy planning and execution with the tools and skills from this course. In this course, developed by industry experts and eminent academicians, students will learn the pillars of strategy execution--analysis, formulation, and implementation--and how to use the different models to effectively approach strategy execution. Students will earn how to use robust frameworks to formulate and develop plans for achieving strategic goals.
1. Identify a strategy and strategic options.
2. Drive accountability within the team
3. Balanced scorecard, value chain analysis
4. Budgeting vs forecasting
5. Model development framework

Self & Team Management

Suitable for new or experienced supervisors and managers in any function within the organization, as well as for individuals who want to become better at understanding and managing themselves and lead others. The course is also perfect for those looking for a refresher course, new perspective, or inspiration on the course subject.
1. Personal and organizational effectiveness
2. Effective communication skills
3. Planning and goal setting
4. Self-Awareness & Influencing skills
5. Persuasion & Leadership skills

Getting ready for a new role

With the growing economies and long strides in technological advancements in infrastructure, there is a huge demand of skilled professionals. This course is suitable for students who are looking to further increase their knowledge and develop their careers.
1. Project Management.
2. Material Management.
3. Personnel Management
4.Safety Management